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Kiesling Associates LLP

A new level of staff and client collaboration achieved at Kiesling with CaseWare SmartSync

The mission of the accounting and business consulting firm of Keisling Associates, LLP is to provide timely, quality services that exceed the expectations of its clients. The firm is succeeding in its mission; it continues to grow its client base and attract experienced professionals to work in its six offices across five states. Keisling Associates continually looks for ways to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve its service levels. For a long time, the firm has relied on CaseWare® Working Papers. The recent addition of SmartSync is already transforming the way its associates and partners work.

Enhanced Collaboration

Jessica Ritcher, CPA.CITP, an audit manager with Keisling Associates, understands the benefits of CaseWare solutions well. "I head up the CaseWare development for the firm, provide internal training, and am an authorised CaseWare instructor," she explains. "We use CaseWare products internally, and offer training courses and consulting services to other firms as they implement the software."

Working Papers, a highly flexible engagement software, has revolutionised the way accounting firms such as Keisling Associates work by providing them with the ability to produce next-generation financial reports, ensure standardisation, and optimise the review and audit process. "CaseWare Working papers helped make the paperless audit a reality," says Ritcher. "And SmartSync takes our audit work to a whole new level of collaboration."

Eliminate Peer Pressure

Offsite users can efficiently pass file updates and changes within their team, with or without updating the master copy. "We can have a team working at a client site, each one accessing the data they need and seeing the updates of their team members in real-time," explains Richter. "It's fast because they are accessing the file on their own machines and only sharing changes, not reading and writing the entire files to and from a server."

With SmartSync, each member of the remote team is working from a local copy of the file. As a result, there are multiple back-ups in the event the server machine should experience a failure. In addition, if the network connection is lost, SmartSync automatically puts users into an offline state, storing the changes until connectivity is restored and preserving the users' ability to continue working.


Smart Conflict Resolution

Richter praises the conflict resolution logic utilised by SmartSync. "There are inevitable conflicts when you have multiple people updating the same file," she says. "SmartSync handles those conflicts in a very logical way. Many conflicts it resolves automatically, notifying users of the resolution. For others, each user receives a notification of the conflict so they can determine the best resolution."

Work Without Restrictions

"SmartSync is another tool we use to stay on top of industry trends," Richter concludes. 

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