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CaseWare Cloud

Welcome to CaseWare Cloud, the future of Practice Management... Store and manage files, documents and engagements, create and manage tasks for staff, request and share documentation with clients all in one secure place with CaseWare Cloud. 

This e-course is available free of charge and is made up of 8 modules which are;

  • Introduction to CaseWare Cloud,
  • CaseWare SmartSync,
  • Collaboration Tools,
  • Client Portal,
  • Time & Expenses,
  • Billing & Analysis,
  • Dashboards & Views,
  • Firm Settings.

Pre-course requirements

No previous experience of the software is assumed.

Users will require access to a PC with an internet connection and headphones to listen to the e-course.

e-course duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Individual user access for 90 days


Course cost
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