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Cloud Audit (Mercia)

The Cloud Audit e-course is available free of charge* and is aimed at new users of the Smart Engagement template. The functionality demonstrated during the course is applicable to our range of Cloud Audit templates. The e-course will guide users through the preparation of a UK Company Audit (Mercia) file.

*Introductory period until 30th March 2021. Individual user access for 90 days.

Pre-course requirements

Prior to completing the e-course, users should consider undertaking the CaseWare Cloud e-course, which will provide you with guidance on how to navigate and configure CaseWare Cloud your firm’s requirements.

We recommend that you view the following modules:

  • Introduction to CaseWare Cloud
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Dashboards & Views
  • Firm Settings

Users will require access to a PC with an internet connection.

E-course duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Individual user access for 90 days.

Course cost
GBP £ 0.00
EUR € 0.00