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Bradley Roots QA Test Analyst

I joined CaseWare straight from sixth form aged 18. I felt the subjects I was studying and the skills that I had were well suited to a career in Quality Assurance and I joined as a Trainee QA Technician in 2018. Since then, I have passed my ISQTB and become a QA Test Analyst. I have tested a range of our products including audit and tax on both desktop and cloud platforms. 

 “I am not fully testing…if I am not testing myself”

How has your career changed since you first started working at CaseWare? 
For any young person looking for full time employment for the first time, getting started on a career path can be challenging. CaseWare has without a doubt enabled me to settle on a path and find my feet in the world of employment and has taught me something valuable every day. Nearly two years of working with experienced test analysts in the Quality Assurance team and working alongside the development team has allowed me to become a certified ISTQB Test Analyst myself.


How were your first few weeks at CaseWare?
The warm energy and enthusiasm of the office quickly made me feel welcome and settled. The positive morale and support going on around me immediately made me feel like I was part of a big family. The first few weeks were definitely challenging but I was constantly reassured and praised for the hard work I was putting in - which was extremely motivating. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 
You won't be surprised to hear that, like most 19 year old lads, I enjoy gaming. You may also find me go-karting with a few people from CaseWare... so keep your eyes peeled or you might miss me! I also play the piano and produce music when I'm not working or doing the above!