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Charlotte Gambling Marketing Executive

I joined CaseWare in April 2020 as an experienced Marketing Executive, having gained previous marketing experience at Saga magazine. Prior to this, when I left school I had the travel bug, so I joined British Airways as cabin crew, which gave me the opportunity to see lots of destinations and understand different cultures across the world.

"I was made to feel extremely welcome and part of the team instantly. I am continuously learning in my role and am part of a wonderful team"

What do you like to do outside of work? 
I am a keen gardener, and grow a lot of my own fruit and vegetables. I enjoy living in the countryside, walking my dog and wildlife spotting. I’m a massive foodie, so I dine out with friends regularly, trying different restaurants and cuisines. Lastly, travel is a real passion of mine, I am always planning my next adventure whether it be in the UK or abroad. 


How were your first few weeks at CaseWare?
The start of my CaseWare career was quite a unique one. I joined the company in the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, and started working remotely from day one. Although a very different way to start at a company, I was made to feel extremely welcome and part of the team instantly. Even the managing director introduced himself – something that I was not expecting but was so grateful for. Within the first couple of weeks, HR organised a virtual Induction coffee morning, allowing all the new starters and senior management to introduce themselves. Something that I will never forget is how well they had adapted to working in this way, although they hadn’t ever employed in this way previously, it was seamless and as if it was second nature. 

What do you enjoy about working for CaseWare? 
I love how varied my job is at CaseWare, and how much I am learning from my role in the short time I have been here. I’m part of a wonderful team who get on so well, along with the social committee arranging regular events for everyone in our downtime. The most recent being a virtual quiz night with takeaways for those participating.