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Kevin Warman CaseView Development Manager

I joined CaseWare as a trainee CaseView developer in 2001. After becoming Development Manager, I left in 2009 to run my own business as a website developer, but I missed CaseWare so much that I re-joined the company in 2015 and I am now CaseView Development Manager.

"Best thing about being a Developer? Solving logic puzzles all day for a living and the final buzz when it all comes together!"

How has your career changed since you first started working at CaseWare?
I started work at CaseWare back in 2001 as a trainee software developer. I’d been working for banks until then and had become more and more interested in where technology was going but I wanted to work somewhere outside of banking. Luckily CaseWare (or Credence Software Ltd as we were back then) offered me a job and I can honestly say that it felt the right place for me from the first day. I love software development and I particularly enjoy CaseWare/CaseView software development. Coming to work is a joy, I get to help solve complex puzzles all day and get paid to do it, it’s great!


What do you like to do outside of work? 
Outside of work I play badminton twice a week and enjoy gardening, country walks, family visits and trips out.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
Keeping the Development team working as a coherent unit is important in order to create consistent robust software solutions, so from my perspective typical days are made up of meetings that bring people and ideas together. The aim is always to ensure development is progressing along an agreed route…with no surprises. Ad hoc meetings take up most of the time but some of the more predictable meetings include:
•    Daily 9am – Morning meeting: This usually lasts only about 10-15 minutes and is an opportunity for each team member to let everyone else know what they are working on, what problems they’ve had, what they need help with and what successes or discoveries they’ve made. It’s a great chance for people to help each other and avoid re-inventing the wheel or repeating past mistakes.
•    Weekly – Monday morning: Development / QA / Product Management meet to discuss progress over the past week and where we are headed. We discuss any sticking points, potential hurdles to overcome or bottle-necks that we foresee which can then be dealt with before they occur. Communication between development, QA and Product Management takes place every day as questions arise but the weekly meetings are an ideal opportunity to pull it all together.
•    Weekly – Thursday / Friday: Sprint reviews take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the Sprint. A “Sprint” is a list of requirements for the developers to work on that will be pulled together into a new release, sometimes a release might consist of a number of Sprints, breaking a release up into manageable portions is key to a successful delivery. In a Sprint review a small group of developers will review the specifications, raise any questions if the requirements aren’t understood, add approximate timings for the work involved so that we can estimate delivery dates and we’ll note on the card any issues or bear-traps to avoid when working on the request.

And between all that I occasionally get a chance to indulge my passion, helping with the actual software development.