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Les Horsley Education & Media Consultant

I joined CaseWare as a Training Consultant in 2015. Prior to this, I spent two years in a teaching role after working in a number of finance roles within both the commercial and public sector.

Working for CaseWare has allowed me to develop the skills needed for my career in a supportive environment. The role is continuously evolving and providing new challenges as your career progresses

How were your first few weeks at CaseWare?

It was amazing to see how friendly everyone was and the level of support and training. You were given plenty of time to use and understand the range of CaseWare products and then plenty of encouragement and support when you carried out your initial training assignments


What do you enjoy about working for CaseWare? 

I enjoy working with the wide range of CaseWare clients, helping them to use the software and ensuring they meet their reporting and auditing requirements

What does a typical day look like for you?

The good thing, is there is no typical day. It can involve live training with our clients, presenting a webinar or increasingly nowadays, expanding the online resources available to our users.