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Lindsay Rogers Technical Support Manager

I joined CaseWare in April 2018 as Technical Support Manager. Prior to this, I spent five years managing a support team of 23 for a software provider in the healthcare sector. I am responsible for ensuring the smooth day- to- day running of the support team at CaseWare looking after a team of more than 25 support staff.

"When I first joined CaseWare I was extremely impressed by the great team ethic. If you are hardworking and passionate about great technology, CaseWare is the place for you."

How were your first few weeks at CaseWare?
The first few weeks at CaseWare were very enjoyable.  I had a structured induction which meant I was introduced to all of the other departments and managers.  The induction gave me a great overview of the business and what we were working to achieve.  Everybody was extremely friendly and helpful.  I was overwhelmed by the great team ethic.


How did you get into Support Management?

I have always worked in a Service Desk environment.  I started by career working as a Support Representative.  I loved the fast paced environment and realised I had a passion for helping people.  My love for great technology grew too.  I quickly moved into a management role and haven’t looked back.  I love managing the Technical Support department and ensuring the best customer service is delivered.  I enjoy developing and managing people.

What do you enjoy about working for CaseWare?

I enjoy the team atmosphere that CaseWare has to offer.  Everybody is very helpful and passionate which makes a great working environment.  There is a great culture at CaseWare and it is clear the management team are passionate about making CaseWare a great place to work.