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Key Features


Transformation tool

Quickly and easily import and transform your data. Supporting multiple software packages and CSV files, users are able to automatically map data upon import

Granular testing

Discover trends, variations and find outliers that require more investigation. Access sub-sets of data that can be used to track transactions, support results and form an audit trail

Set Additional Parameters

Set test parameters – such as journal source, account type, account range – as well as advanced operations for CSV files to further analyse the data

Centralised Database & Client Portal

Centralise all reports in one location and collaborate on the data with your colleagues and clients in real-time for a streamlined review and approval processes

Key benefits

Featured Products

Accounts Production

Accounts Production

Ensure the highest level of accuracy and compliance by streamlining and simplifying your financial reporting process. Our accounts production software provides a quick and simple way to produce financial statements across a wide range of entity types.



Raise efficiency with advanced audit optimisation with our paperless tools for quality audits.



A cloud-based 'prepared by client' collaboration tool empowering accountants and auditors to securely communicate with clients and send multiple file requests from a secure portal.

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