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Key Benefits


Powerful and fast

Enabling you to plan and conduct audits faster, whilst helping to raise efficiency by up to 50%


Choose to follow integral methodologies (Mercia or HAT) or create firm or industry-specific procedures, checklists and documentation


Experience one streamlined process when using with our accounts and tax solutions. Collaborate with colleagues faster when integrating with CaseWare SmartSync

View, store and exchange

Manage client documents, information and communication with teams and clients via CaseWare Cloud

Key features

Specialist audit templates 

Academy - Quickly and efficiently complete audits with the confidence you are following government guidelines

Charity - Guaranteed compliance with the latest SORP, our charities template makes auditing charities faster and more accurate.

Pension – Easily manage every size of pension client, from simple self-administered schemes, through to complex hybrid financial statements.

LLP - Guaranteed compliance with the latest SORP, our LLP templates makes auditing easier than before and also enables Audit Exemption testing.

Assurance - Select full or free form planning to easily manage Assurance and Audit Exempt assignments

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Featured Products

Accounts Production
SRA Cloud Template
Working Papers

Accounts Production

Ensure the highest level of accuracy and compliance by streamlining and simplifying your financial reporting process. Our accounts production software provides a quick and simple way to produce financial statements across a wide range of entity types.



Ensure you and your team have up-to-date client information by syncing working files to maintain momentum while out in the field


SRA Cloud Template

Our Solicitor's Regulation Authority (SRA) Audit Template is the next generation of audit software, offering you all the benefits of cloud software plus leading edge tools, enabling you to audit clients under Solicitors Rules quicker and easier than ever before.


Working Papers

Enabling a true, dynamic, instantaneous integration Working Papers eliminates the requirement to import, export and check data between related software modules.

Featured Case Studies

Dains LLP

An integrated approach: Understanding the value of using CaseWare for Audit and Accounts

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Transition to paperless accounts production and audit made simple with CaseWare

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Time savings on administrative tasks and enhanced staff collaboration gives RBK a competitive advantage

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Featured FAQs

CaseWare Audit Is CaseWare up to date with the latest ISA’s?

Yes?  *Not always guaranteed*
Our compliance team work very closely with our technical content partners to ensure any changes to ISAs are implemented as quickly as possible.

CaseWare Audit Is there a disclosure checklist?

Our disclosure checklist is available as a cloud product. For more details see our Disclosure Checklist webpage

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