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What's new at Caseware?


Migrate 5 years worth of trial balance data to the cloud with our easy to use, agile data migration tool - CloudBridge

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Cloud LLP Audit

We are excited to be able to release another audit template to our intelligent cloud platform, with the release of our LLP audit solution. 

The template contains the latest content from Mercia's Limited Liability Partnerships Manual including full audit, audit exempt and group working papers. 

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Audit Exemption (Mercia)

Review and produce audits for audit exempt limited companies, including micro-entities with our cloud Audit Exemption (Mercia) solution.


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Cloud Charity Audit

We are pleased to announce the release of our Charity Audit template on our cloud platform, further strengthening our audit solution.

The content fully reflects the latest Mercia Charity Manual including full audit and independent examination working papers.

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Cloud Company Audit (Mercia) - Update

In our latest update of our Cloud Audit software, we have made changes to reflect revisions Mercia made to their Audit Manual (UK). This update also includes additional tools to enable improved audit efficiency.

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CaseWare Cloud - Engagement tracking tool

Our new cloud dashboard tool will enhance your practice's efficiency, enabling accountants and auditors to easily track the progress of accounts production, audit and corporation tax engagements across their organisation.

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Cloud Audit

Introducing the next generation of company audit software; CaseWare Cloud Audit (Mercia).
Developed for the cloud, and using Mercia’s Audit methodology, users can optimise audit efficiency by up to 50%, delivering an environment where staff can work anywhere, on mobile, tablet or PC.

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