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Cloud LLP Audit

Introducing our LLP audit template on the cloud.

We are pleased to announce the release of our LLP  Audit template on our cloud platform, further strengthening our audit solution. The template contains the latest content from Mercia's Limited Liability Partnerships Manual including full audit, audit exempt and group working papers.

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Key Benefits

High Quality Audits

Intelligent tools to help you provide a better audit quality and more value to your clients


Auditors can securely send and receive documents and track information requests using our 'Prepared By Client' query function

Cloud Technology

Accessible anywhere, on any device

Featured Products

Cloud Audit
SRA Cloud Template

Cloud Audit

Using the power of Caseware Cloud, our company audit software empowers audit teams to collaborate more effectively and produce high-quality audits.


A cloud-based 'prepared by client' collaboration tool empowering accountants and auditors to securely communicate with clients and send multiple file requests from a secure portal.


SRA Cloud Template

Our Solicitor's Regulation Authority (SRA) Audit Template is the next generation of audit software, offering you all the benefits of cloud software plus leading edge tools, enabling you to audit clients under Solicitors Rules quicker and easier than ever before.