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CloudBridge is available to CaseWare users as a standalone tool capable of migrating up to five years worth of trial balance from our desktop tool, Working Papers to a CaseWare Cloud engagement. Reduce the cost of transitioning to the cloud and the risk to your data with secure, agile data migration. 

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Key Benefits

Trial Balance Maintenance

Share and manage your financial data from a Working Papers file

No Mapping Required

Mapping information will transfer along with the trial balance data

Easy Import

Transfer data from a desktop file to a cloud engagement file with a click of a button

Featured Products

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Cloud Audit

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Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools to help accountants work together - collaborate remotely on real-time data with our intelligent cloud solutions to quickly improve practice efficiency whether remote working, at a client's site or in the office. 



The latest innovation to our suite of technologies, AnalyticsAI, empowers auditors unprecedented access to analytical capabilities in every engagement

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